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Celebrating Our Streams and Waterways
May 9th & 10th, 2015
Saturday 10 - 6 & Sunday 11 - 5
Roosevelt Center
Historic Greenbelt, Maryland

Messages from Mother Earth

Call for Entries:
Visual Artists, Poets and Writers

All ages are invited to become part of the Green Man Festival, for a two month long exhibit at the New Deal Cafe during May and June, 2014.

Visions of the Waters

Join us for the 11th Annual Greenbelt Green Man Festival This Year we celebrate our streams and waterways. It can be said that we ALL live downstream dependent on good neighbors upstream to take care of their waterways... which eventually become ours, as well. The many plastic bags, scraps of paper, toxic chemicals and discarded piles of trash that float by and stream out to sea, pass by our communities into others daily. It is never too late make our waterways a priority... by becoming the change we urgently need to save the bay and beyond. Bring us your renderings, watercolors, paintings, sketches, poems, and field notes that show your connection to “the Waters”. Let your art be part of the message of the Green Man.

Click here for instructions for submitting art and to get involved!

Join us, rain or shine, for two days of music, vendors, crafts, environmental awareness, food, and fun in beautiful downtown!

Downstream Journey

Through the Chesapeake Watershed
This year will bring to light some of our best kept secrets about sustainable living downstream: those places we all share. You will hear lively songs about the bay, find out how scientists and local citizens have learned to protect our waterways, appreciate native animal and plant life rich in diversity, view aquatic bugs from local streams, see art inspired by mermaids and fishermen, and enjoy good food and company!

Festival activities will reconnect us to the folklore of ancient civilizations through science, art, music and myth by featuring many local artists, musicians and performers from Maryland as well as other parts of the country.


The Green Man Festival became a project of CHEARS in 2008. CHEARS, the Chesapeake Education, Arts and Research Society, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health of all who share the Chesapeake watershed environment. For more information go to the CHEARS website.