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Our growing list of 2017 Festival Cuisine and Shops

My Animal artwork and Abstract Artwork explores the dichotomy of nature.To Be kind to our earth which nurtures us. It also focuses on moments in which antithesis meets at points or intersections, challenging us to view our perceived notions of natural universethrough our reflections of human, trees animals and time relationship. Artist Anu Bashira.


Delightful, vegan treats for you and your family to enjoy.


A.B.'s & Things
handmade jewelry and poems

Erin of Adornaments provides freehand, custom design temporary tattoos that last from 1-2 weeks. The ancient medium of henna, formulated with gentle and organic ingredients, is a beautiful and natural body art suited to a wide range of designs. A newer material called jagua, is a fruit juice that creates a blue-black color, suitable for creating ink-like designs while remaining temporary and plant-based. Come by with your favorite design, or let me create a unique decoration just for you!

Hand-made jewelry with a New Age flair. I use a lot of semi-precious stones, and mythical images in my jewelry with a wide variety of techniques.

mixed media: coiled baskets, switchplates, wall hangings

Greenbelt Artist, tree-hugger and former Ringling Bros. circus performer Rich Potter brings his whimsical, amusing, warped, but compelling visual statements to a T-shirt near you. Also on display: a small inventory of paintings inspired by walks around our lovely town. Proudly wear a Greenbelt world traveler's vision on your body's Louvre. Buy a piece of art or be a piece of art. Your choice.

Beaded Jewelry, earrings and necklaces, many with animal Motifs. Beaded household items, gift bags from recycled materials Original home grown jazz CDs

Bowie-Upper Marlboro Beekeepers Association (BUMBA)
Beekeeping organization that advocates for bees and other pollinators. We provide education outreach for local/state events to promote awareness for environmental issues as it relates to bees/pollinators.

Boynton Pottery
Pottery, High fire, and porcelain. Has Celtic designs on most items

Stylish accessories for women and their pets. fashionable purses and totes made from unique fabrics such as eco friendly cork. High quality dog accessories such as reusable travel bowls, leashes and collars.

Tie Dye clothing and accessories and wildlife and nature photos

CDCG is a 501(c)3 Greenbelt based non-profit organization that provides training, support, tools and publications to make local community groups their very best, using the Netherlands based governance structure called 'dynamic community governance'. Now, more than ever, let's revitalize and invigorate transparent, consent-based, grassroots democracy

Handmade beaded and wire-wrapped jewelry featuring genuine chakra healing gemstones in the colors of the rainbow.

Loom-knitted hats, scarves, shawls, baby items Hand-fringed 100% cotton napkins in many designs

Learn about truths and myths of hypnosis. People are amazed to learn that it's really the client that's in control. They discover how to have better control of their lives and feel the joy of success. Whether it's smoking, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem or just sleeping poorly, hypnosis is a drug-free, side effect free method for making a positive change in your life. Topics covered will include what hypnosis is and is not, what the client can expect from the hypnotist, what the hypnotist expects from the client and you get to try it out for free.

CASA matches community volunteers with youth in foster care due to abuse or neglect. With training and support, these volunteers provide a voice to youth, advocating for their best interests and making sure their needs are met.

Crystal infused oils, mists, butters, incense, sages, gemstone and crustal pendants, Native inspired artwork

Inspired by the Wild Wood comes jewelry made for remembering all the places you have been and where-every your story is taking you. The Spirit Wilds collection is mindfully made from the gifts of the earth- copper, silver, quartz, and gems. Ethically harvested twigs, seed pods, flowers, and other natural items are preserved in copper and incorporated into wild, one of a kind jewelry.

GHI Storm Water Task Force
The task force was formed by the GHI Board of Directors to make recommendations concerning storm water issues affecting GHI. Task force members include representatives from the three Greenbelt streams groups. Task force responsibilities include: fostering best practices for ground water retention and reduction of runoff and soil erosion, educating community members, and developing strategies for implementing improvements and remediation.

Handmade pottery - functional and beautiful!

Girl Scouts Troop 27
Girl Scouts for their energy badge would like to encourage residents to conserve energy through make your own stickers, make an energy pledge, and with kids activities.

Designs and hand screens men's women's and kids shirts and dresses

Designs and hand screens men's women's and kids shirts and dresses

Green Team Zero Waste Circle
The Zero Waste Circle is a collaborative effort between Green Team volunteers and Public Works staff members focused on eliminating waste going to the landfill by promoting recycling and composting to the greatest extent possible.

all festival stuff

Customized beaded and Sterling silver jewelry including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and lanyards. Wood burnt items are new in the collections.

HourGlass Creations
Handmade clothing with a whimsical touch

Inspired Fashions of Asia
Creative custom designed fashions from Nepal, Thailand, Bali, India,,Clothes for men and women made from cotton and silk,,,all is Fair Trade

Re-purposing materials into useful items

khunying jewelry
semi-precious stone jewelry, all stone come from Thailand, I made every piece my self. knitting, crochet blanket, scraft.

Hand forged knives made out various different types of materials. Some are re-purposed such as old saw blades,wrenches and even old car leaf springs are used to forge the knives.

While the Democrats and Republicans in Annapolis have forgotten about working class Marylanders across the state, we Greens have the ability to reverse this neglect. Whether it be from the 50 plus years of failing Democratic rule in Baltimore or the Republicans' misguidance in Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore, we Greens have a progressive, optimistic agenda that will better the lives of ALL people, and not just Maryland's privileged. The Maryland Green Party is Maryland's ballot-qualified progressive party. We are committed to the values of ecology, social justice, grassroots democracy, and non-violence. We run candidates at the local, state, and federal levels.

Meekly Yours creates whimsical, hand lettered and illustrated paper goods, including cards, prints & bookmarks, that make any occasion special. Meekly Yours also creates laser cut wood signs for events & home decor. Each design starts as a hand drawn sketch & is digitally refined before being professionally printed.

Handmade kids outfits featuring reversible dresses and hats, and overalls.

Polymer clay figurines and sculptures. Mermaids, fairies, whimisical creations.

We are a group of 6 homeschoolers (ages 5-12) whose mission it is to provide families with quality, homemade hair and skin care products while also supporting under-served communities, both locally and internationally. Our products are all-natural and handmade!

The beautiful and original creations of Mystic Water Soap have been popular at local festivals and farmers markets for many years. More than 80 kinds of soap made by hand in small batches: bath, facial and unscented soaps, shaving soap, and herbal shampoo bars, as well as shea butter creams, lip balm, body powders, perfume and massage oil, sugar scrubs, aluminum-free deodorant, essential oils and products for pets.

Sculpted leather masks of the green men, faeries and other mythic beings. Flying Rainbow Bubble Wands. Mythic and fantasy art and accessories.

Crystal infused oils, mists, butters, incense, sages, gemstone and crustal pendants, Native inspired artwork

I make jewelry, soft toys and textile art using vintage and recycled materials.

northern lights

Painted Pet Pillows turns your pet's photo into a delightful throw pillow. We use your image to create a colorful illustration that captures the spirit of your pet. The image is printed on 100% cotton twill fabric and hand sewn to make a unique pillow featuring your one-of-a-kind. The background design continues around the back of the pillow. A name or phrase can be added at no additional cost. Add more pets for a small fee. Each pillow is an original work of art signed by the artist. A soft faux down insert makes your pillow extra huggable. ​ We also offer fine-art canvas prints of your illustration. ​ ​

The mission of Prince George’s Peace and Justice Coalition is to promote cooperation within Prince George’s County in pursuing broad goals of peace and social justice. Our members form a network about varied progressive causes involving federal, state or county policies.

Fused Glass jewelry plates and bowls

We have an apiary farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We produce raw honey, hand crafted beeswax candles, skin care products

Rayna Pazmiño ceramics
Wheel thrown and hand-built functional pottery.

RESULTS is a movement of passionate, committed, everyday citizens advocating for the most cost-effective measures for bringing an end to poverty.

Hyattsville author Richard Morris presents four novels and one CD: 1) Masjid Morning (2016): “A powerful novel about hate and intolerance–religious and racial, and a Romeo and Juliet romance about two young people caught up in their parents’ feud.” 2) Canoedling in Cleveland (2014): a coming-of-age story about three teens who canoe the polluted rivers and lakes around Cleveland, Ohio in 1960, including the Cuyahoga River, which caught on fire, and Lake Erie, where all the beaches were closed. Contains six "canoe story" fantasies for young children. “As timeless as Huckleberry Finn.” 3) Well Considered: Historical thriller takes place in Maryland. It has been compared to John Grisham's Sycamore Row. 4) Cologne No. 10 For Men: a Vietnam War satire that has received rave reviews from the Vietnam Veterans of America. The Naval Academy Acquisitions Librarian put two copies in their library in Annapolis. 5)"Skytroopers": a CD of songs he wrote in Vietnam in 1967. The book cover paintings are by Hyattsville artist Audrey Engdahl, a graduate of Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore.

Maryland author, Sharon Brubaker writes the cozy, mystery series "The Green Man Series" where murder, mischief, mayhem and romance occur on the upper reaches of the Chesapeake Bay. Will the Green Man save the day? Find out by reading The Greening, The Leafing and the Blossoming.

The Green Man Series is a cozy mystery series by Maryland author, Sharon Brubaker. Murder, mystery and mayhem interrupt Sylvia Ash's life. Sylvia depends on the guidance of the Green Man to help solve the murders. Travel guides for each book will be available for the reader to tour the Maryland byways where the books take place. Sharon's steamy, paranormal romance BETWEEN EARTH AND SEA will also be available.

Handcrafted Genuine Murano Glass Jewelry, created by Artisan, Jeanne' Berger

Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry custom made in my own original designs.

We are accelerating the adoption of renewable energy by providing residential solar at no upfront cost. We have an option for just about anyone including storage options and clean, affordable electricity.

Handmade Leather Journals, Mugs, Clocks, pouches/bags, and more. All leather is hand picked, cut, tooled, dyed, and sewn.

The Forest Preserve Advisory Board helps the City Council with policies related to the management and maintenance of the Greenbelt Forest Preserve.

Kilnformed, handcrafted glass art and home decor including centerpieces, bowls, plates, vases, and other items. Custom projects may also be requested.

Fine art photography. Landscape, astronomy, Washington, DC and area, International.

Unique handmade Jewelry and crafts

Our Mission is to support the University of Maryland Extension mission by educating residents about safe, effective and sustainable horticultural practices that build healthy gardens, landscapes, and communities.

Gallery of Fantasy Art, Beads, Metal, & FFiber.Carefully handcrafted.